Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm back....

So...I took quite a long hiatus from writing...and so soon after I started! Not that anyone reads this. I started this for me and, especially at this point, I'm the only one who reads it. I haven't gotten up the courage to share this with anyone. I mentioned that I was starting this to a couple of people, but never actually told them where to find my blog :-)

My writing is something I'm very self conscience about...I enjoy writing, it feels good to get my thoughts down and I'd love to be great and interesting...but I am so afraid to let others read my writing and judge it. Don't get me wrong, I know constructive criticism is a great way to improve anything you're attempting to do...I am just so afraid someone will read it and, even if they don't say as much, think that it's complete crap. Sigh.

Anyway...I still can't decide who I am as a that a word? I suppose you can't fault me for using it considering blogging wasn't a word not so long ago. I don't want to go plastering personal details about my life all over the internet...but at the same time, how do you really tell a story or truly express yourself on certain things without letting people into that personal place? I just don't know. It seems to be a fine line between being too personal to complete strangers and holding back so much that you can't possibly be interesting!

So I continue my journey and trying to find myself...I've discovered the best way to learn about yourself is a sort of trial and error. You kind of just have to get your feet wet and work your way into finding what works for you. Kind of like writers block or sculpting clay when you don't have a vision yet...sometimes you just have to start from somewhere, anywhere! You start working the clay or writing random sentences, and pretty soon it starts to form into something and you begin to see it. You add a bit here...take away some there...until finally it really begins to take shape...and then you can get really excited and passionate about it and you know what you're working toward and you have a plan and a goal. I've recently discovered that at work...but I think that whole story should be for another post :-)'s great to be back...even if no one is reading but me :-)

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