Sunday, March 27, 2011

about keeping up with my Blog....

Umm...I'm not good at it?


I have the best intentions...really I do.

 I was thinking about setting a goal for myself to post at least once a week.  I think I should.  It's not as if I don't have the time.  Though, lately the only time I've really been inspired to write about anything is on the way to work.  Being that I'm on a train, I could actually spend my commute writing....but that would mean remembering to take my computer.  And if I'm on the newer model train, there's no table, so I would have to type in my lap and those seats are uncomfortable enough when it's packed without having to juggle a computer!!!  If I was just reading on a computer it might be doable...typing is a whole other can of worms.  But the train/commuting experience is for another post :-)

Speaking of computers....apparently my husband's boss and one of his colleagues has talked him into getting an iPad.  Wait...let me rephrase that...they have talked my husband into WANTING an iPad :-)

And somehow in the process convinced me as well.  I was skeptical of them...most of what I do online involves typing...I would be able to LOOK at what people had posted on an iPad, but if I wanted to contribute I'd have to type on a touch screen...something I haven't been too good at or keen to do.  So what would I do with it?

 But my husband has tried one and says he can type at his normal pace.  So it's possible I could like it.  However; the most compelling argument for getting an iPad came from my husband's boss.  It went something like this - If you don't know what you'd use one for, buy one and you'll find something to use it for!

Alrighty then. And I'm not joking...that really did sway me.  Because I was wondering exactly that...and apparently, if I get one...I'll find a reason to use it!  And of course this all happened while I was thinking it would be really nice to type while on the train.  And while my netbook is pretty small and light...the iPad2 is SO much thinner and smaller and...probably even harder to balance on my lap then, huh?

Well regardless, I've decided my husband should get one so I can try it idea that he is, strangely enough, 100% in support of :-) how's that for a useless dribble of a blog post?  :-)  I have much deeper, interesting things....but it's Sunday and I'm tired...and I felt like I needed to post something.  And alls I got in the wings are way deep and I'm not sure I'm ready to share those kinds of thoughts....'s to hoping I get around to posting more...and that it's actually interesting.  I really don't want to post just to post.  But I also want to be a little more disciplined in it...I just can't seem to find the energy lately!  When I have the time my mind wants to rest...when I want to type...I'm on a train!

Oh well...coocoo cachu.

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