Monday, May 21, 2012

about judging

It's REALLY hard not to!

I got off the train today and saw a woman who was at least in her fifties. She had in a nice coat, a nice scarf...and really high wedge/platform shoes. And nude fishnets. And a skirt above the knee with a zipper in the back.


Now, I don't like to judge. People should wear what they want and damn everyone else!

But despite feeling bad about it, I couldn't help but judge. I couldn't help but think "now here is a woman who is not comfortable with her age...and probably not comfortable with herself...and trying to fight the aging process by dressing too young (which, let's face it, always makes you look older and often foolish)."

And now I must pause in typing to have a coughing fit. Damn, karma is a quick bitch.

So I'm fighting these thoughts but she's walking in front of me and it's really difficult and frankly she looked like a 50 or 60 something hooker. And I see other people looking at her with my thoughts on their faces...

And I start thinking things like "what is wrong with being a classy old woman?!"

And as I'm thinking these thoughts we exit the train station and I see, walking right towards us, a woman in her twenties wearing a mini skirt, knee high f-me boots and black fishnets. (incidentally, she gave the older woman a look too...I wonder if they judged each other?) And then I thought...maybe it's not an age thing. Cause that girl looks like a hooker too.

Yeah. But she looked like a cool hooker.

Sigh. Maybe I'll try the no judgement thing tomorrow....

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  1. I love my fishnet tights, but I only wear them for my husband's benefit because I think they make me look like a hooker.