Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning...

Hello world!

I have done it. I have finally started a blog! And I’m a little nervous!

I have considered writing a blog for a while now. I enjoy writing as a creative outlet but I was never sure I had the talent…or the grammar skills. And I’m still not sure about that. Plus…I had no clue what to write about! I still don’t!

But I figure you have to start somewhere. And why shouldn't I? I am always on the computer anyway. And I am always talking to the TV or the computer stating my opinion. If you talk to the TV you're crazy...if you type it up in a blog you're entertaining! (we hope)

And I have to say…my inspiration was the movie “Julie and Julia.”

See, here’s the thing…I have been going stir crazy. I am in a transitional time in my life I have been longing for a project that would occupy my time and keep me busy and let my creative juices flow! And last Friday I went to see “Julie and Julia”…and that was the last straw. Look at what those two women accomplished!!! And I just couldn’t sit here twiddling my thumbs any longer. I need to DO something.

I realize with so many blogs out there this may just be adding to the white noise…and I am well aware that it probably won’t change my life…but at least it gives me something to do. And while it might not directly change my life…perhaps putting my thoughts in writing will help me understand myself and give me courage to try other things. I look at this sort of like a diary in that writing a diary can be therapeutic and purging…except here there is actually a slim chance someone might read it…and an even slimmer chance someone might care. I guess I just have a desire to get my thoughts out…to share my opinions and feelings. If in the process I happen to amuse or enlighten some people...all the better!

I will quite possibly embarrass myself and show how uninformed I really am, but hey…these will be opinions, and an opinion can’t ever really be wrong, can it? Of course I do realize that by publishing my opinions that means I can’t deny ever having them, but I'll take my chances.

So…join me as I discover my voice, my creativity…hopefully even my purpose.


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