Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's almost moving day!!!

First...I have just seen that I have TWO followers!!  Woohoo!  Now I feel bad for having not written for SO long!!  :-)  But just a little ;-)

Now...for those of you who don't know already: in June I married a wonderful man who happens to be  a Brit and I am moving to England!

Do you have any idea how overwhelming it is to pack your life into 2 suitcases that are 50 pounds or less?  To look at all that CRAP?!  I managed to sift through my life and choose what to take and what to leave.  It didn't seem like all that much that I had decided to take...but when you see it all together and then start packing, the suit case fills up quick!!

I had it all in a pile in my room and I couldn't see the forest for the trees!  (Ok...to be honest I've never fully understood that phrase and if anyone cares to explain it to me, feel free.)  BUT...I sifted through again and have started the packing!!  I have started separating what I will take, what I will ship, and I have even given up a few things, VERY practically saying "No...it's nice for decoration but means nothing to me and is totally replaceable!"  And that's a very big step for me :-)

So...here we go.  Just a few more days and I will be on a plane, off to my new life, with my new husband, in a new country!  Ah...living with my husband!  Now there's a concept :-)

Here's to packing!!


  1. looking forward to reading all about it ;) Safe travels my friend!

  2. I am sad to see you leave but will be excited to come visit.

  3. Okay ... the "forest for the trees" thing is like this ... you can't see the big picture because you keep getting hung up on the details. You get bogged down in the little stuff and you miss out on the whole thing ... It's like a cousin to the saying "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

    I'm pretty tired, so this sounds pretty smart and clear to me right now ... but it may make no sense when you read it. Dunno if it helped you - hope so! :)

  4. Can't wait to have you over here, and to see you finally re-united with your poor hubby!! Don't worry...we will help you adjust to the weird and wonderful quirks of life in England!! ;-)
    See you soon. Safe journey hun. xx

  5. KitKat - Thank you!!
    Allie - <3
    Steph - Thanks! That actually makes perfect sense. I was kind of in the general area :-) Just couldn't quite get there!
    Nic - Thank you!!!! Look forward to seeing you!!xx