Monday, November 8, 2010

Your in flight entertainment…

4:35 USA Central Time – in flight, KC to Chicago
Can I just say that using my baby computer while on a plane is wicked awesome sweet!  I love being able to type out my thoughts while I’m thinking them rather than thinking of them and having to try to remember them later!
So far so good on my journey!!  I had the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had when traveling.  As I was checking in at the computer a very nice man who worked for American Airlines came over to help and then he got me started right away on checking in my 4 bags!  And…I only got charged for 2!!  2 were free :-)  Score!!  He was so helpful and friendly it was SUCH a pleasant experience.  So here’s a shout out to Bob at American Airlines MCI!  Thank you Bob!!
He also gave me an assignment – he asked that while I’m over in Jolly old England to try to teach them the English language ;-) (For all you Brits…it was a friendly jibe…not serious!)
I had a nice relaxing lunch with my folks and a very easy boarding.  The flight is only about an hour so we’re actually headed down now :-)
I did get teary eyed watching Kansas/Missouri get smaller and smaller.  It was so beautiful from the sky with all the fall colors.  And no matter where I am or where I go…it will always have a piece of my heart.
There was a 3:00pm kick-off for the Chiefs today…I was able to listen to the radio for a bit and tell those around me the score, which was awesome.  But then I lost the KC station.  And it costs to get wifi and I figured since we didn’t have that much time left in the flight anyway, it really wasn’t worth it.  Hope we’re winning!
I’ll continue with my next flight. 
11:54pm somewhere in the world – in flight, Chicago to Dublin
I’m pretty sure the time on my computer is still US Central time, but who can say?  I am currently crammed into my tin can of a seat and have given up on sleep.  I dozed off for a bit.  I have no idea for how long because silly me forgot there was a clock on my iPod and had no idea what time it was for a while :-)
2 very nice men where kind enough to heft my carryon up to the overhead bin since both my seat mate and myself are too short to reach.  From one man’s reaction it is apparently quite heavy.  Suck it up man.  I lifted it up over my head no problem…I just couldn’t reach the damn bin!!
I wanted so much to sleep for the entire flight.  Not only does it make the flight go by so much faster…but I get sleep!  But alas…the airplane strikes again!  They kept the lights up for most of the time, when I was dozing the lights were STILL on and when I woke up they had finally turned them off.  Plus the noise…and the fact it SO DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE!!!   I don’t like sleeping on my back…and I don’t like not being able to move!  I want so much to curl up on my side!  But NO!  hmf.  Plane: 1 Stephanie: 0
The Chicago Airport sucks!!!!  Out loud!  It was horrible.  It took me an HOUR to get to the gate for my connecting flight!  I landed and had to go up to a counter to find out where the heck I was suppose to go.  Then I had to basically leave the airport, hike up Mount Everest, and take the airport train to the international terminal.  Then I had to go back through security!  That line took forever!  And of course there was hardly anything IN the terminal.  So I got to my gate, re-arranged myself, and had time to go back to the front of the terminal and grab an $8 sandwich and $3 bottle of water.  Yes.  $8 for a Quick Trip type sandwich and $3 for a regular bottle of water.  And…turns out we had dinner on the flight so I haven’t even eaten it and I doubt I will.  I figured we would have dinner on the flight but you never can tell, especially these days.  So I decided better safe than sorry and shelled out the 8 bucks. 
Well…I was hoping to get some sleep and be  surprisingly fresh and spritely and lovely for my Husband…unfortunately I have a feeling I’ll be an absolute wreck.  I’m tired and achy and I’m a bit of a mess.  I only have an hour in Dublin and who knows what sort of things I’ll have to do there!  I’m sure I’ll have to go through immigration…I’m just hoping and praying I don’t have to do anything with my 4 checked bags!  And I hope I have a bit of time to freshen up.  I suppose if I have to I can do that on the plane, but I’d rather not. 
Oh..and here’s a tip.  Pack light.  Whenever and wherever you can!  I mean, yes, I am moving to the UK and so it makes it a bit tough for me to pack light, but I packed way too much on my personal item.  Most of the things in there I’m not even using!
I do however highly recommend wet naps for your hands.  That way, when your pen breaks and gets ink all over your hands…you’ll be able to clean yourself up pretty quickly.  Trust me.
So…so far:
- Excellent check in experience in KC
- Great short and sweet flight from KC to Chicago
- Horrible experience hiking through the Chicago airport
- Had my first experience with the full body scan (which really wasn’t so bad…there’s not much to it)
We’ll see what Dublin has in store for me!
P.S.  Last I heard was a text from my dad while I was at Chicago.  Game was going into overtime.  Again?  Really Chiefs?!?  Come on and seal the deal!!!!  What’s with the nerve wracking games?!  Oh well….hope we won!!
9:41 am – Dublin time, Dublin Airport
Got off the plane to a message that the Raiders won.  We lost.  To the Raiders.  You have to understand how this feels.  1. The Raiders are in our division, so of course we want to beat them.  But I believe we were tied for first in the division…or perhaps losing to them tied us for first.  Whatever, we needed the win.  2. It’s the Raiders.  Our biggest rival.  And not a friendly one like K-State and Nebraska either!  They are mean.  I have never seen a game between Chiefs and Raiders where there wasn’t a fight. 
Anywho…After another hike through Dublin airport (which for all I know could have been across the whole country!) I had time to refresh.  The plane arrived 45 minutes early – YAY!  So I feel a bit better though my arms are sore from lugging around my stupid bags.  PACK LIGHT!!!  Grrr.  Of course…all the things that are in my carryon and personal item are things that had to go somewhere…and they wouldn’t have fitted in any of the check in bags…so I guess I couldn’t have really helped it.  But I can’t wait to go on a trip with 1 little light bag :-)  Not that I’ll feel like going on a trip anytime soon :-)  Just because you CAN take all this crap…doesn’t mean you SHOULD!  I just hope I can pile it all onto a cart to get it out the door! 
I’d ask you to wish me luck…but you won’t be able to read this till I’m home in Northampton :-)
4:18 – England Time, home
I finally made it!  4 checked in bags, a carryon, a personal item, 2 layovers, 2 airlines and 13 hours later!  I managed to pile all 4IMG_5647 bags onto a trolley at the airport, despite it’s best efforts to avoid the manual labor by continuing to roll around on me!   Mind you I pilled all these by myself as, for security reasons, bags are collected before you exit the gate area.

I came out exhausted and never wanting to look at another suitcase again…but it all got better when I saw my husband standing there waiting for me :-)
I am now safely home, all cozy while my wonderful husband is fixing us some dinner…after already having flowers waiting for me and brining in ALL the luggage by himself.  :-) 
And now…I am posting this without thoroughly reading it so I apologize for any errors!  So much went on today, I’m sure I didn’t include it all…and it’s still very long!! 
Here’s to coming home.


  1. So glad you made it safely home to your wonderful husband. You are so good for one another and I am soooo happy for the both of you. Welcome home Stephanie!

  2. Oh my sounds like you had one heck of a day...glad you got to post and tell us your adventure. i cant wait to come see you with Shaffer....We already miss you....tears...many tears of joy for you and Howie. Send our love to him as well!

  3. Glad it went (relatively) smooth. we'll see if next time we can make it a privet jet with beds, or at least couches :) love you, Dad

  4. Your luggage makes mine look stupid :(