Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Idol – The Next American Idol

Oh it’s gonna big!!! 

And we’ve spotted Carrie Underwood, Jordan Sparks, and Taylor Hicks…all past Idol winners.  And that's just during the opening credits!

And Ryan tells us the winner won by….less than 2% of the votes!

Yikes!  It’s a close one!

And Lee and Crystal come on in school uniforms…albeit a bit disheveled…for the cool effect, you know?

And of course we look at Toledo, OH to see all of Crystal's supporters…and Mount Prospect, IL for Lee.  BIG crowds!

Top Twelve – School’s Out, Alice Cooper

And the top twelve perform…some blond chick is on the guitar..which is cool…I’m just not sure who she is.

Ah!  They’re in school outfits cause the top twelve are singing schools out.  And once again…12 people singing the same song is gonna be cheesy.  Even if was once a rebellious rock song.

And Casey James introduces…Alice Cooper!  He’s there!  Mil-wa-kay!  (Wayne’s World!) He looks the same….just not sure the voice is still there…sounded a bit rough…and flat…unless everyone else was sharp…I mean…it is his song.  And they were singing it like a high school choir.

Chris Allen – The Truth

Our reigning American Idol.  And we can still hear Ryan and some woman talking…nice guys…cut the mike!  Luckily they got it fixed quick.
It felt…like a song…I don’t know…an older song.  I can’t put my finger on what decade it reminds me of. 

Yeah…he sang well…I still say Adam Lambert should have won.

As Ryan points out…this is the end of an era…and we are going to play tribute to…Simon.  Just like I’m sure he does every night.  I’m sure he watches a video of himself every night.
And we look back…all the way to the first season…Simon had a messed up haircut…and did not look as good as he does now. 

That was enjoyable…and I’m sorry you all missed it.  Very funny.
I can’t believe Simon is leaving!!!  It’s not Idol without Simon!  :-(


Siobhan and Aaron KellyHow Deep is Your Love, The BeeGees

It just occurred to me…all the cast offs have had WEEKS to prepare for these performances!
They sound great.  And then!  The BeeGees show up!!  Well..the only two left…the Gibb brothers.
(Dad says it’s has beens night on Idol…Daddy Mean!)  The Gibbs can’t sing high like they use to.   But I have to say…I do like this song…cheesy as it is.  But I loved when Nsync sang it!!  Holla!  Was the brother on the right even there?  Other guy had more stage presence.

Michael Lynche – Takin it to the Streets, Doobie Brothers

Is Michael McDonald gonna show up?!?!?!?  And Taylor Hicks should be singing this song!  He rocked it on his season.

And here’s Michael McDonald!  Sweet :-)  Still sounds like himself…but a bit rougher…and seems like he’s struggling to sound like he use to…his voice is a bit raspier than it use to be.

But I enjoyed it.  The Michaels were fun :-) 

I knew it’d be Michael and not the Doobie Brothers :-)

Dane Cook?!?!  Awesome!  He cut his hair!  And he’s singing a song he wrote…of Simon comments…LOL!  “Don’t mean to be rude!”  I think the song is called Simon Said.  Oh my god…this is funny…you should be watching this.  He says…Simon has the honesty of Abe Lincoln and the charm of the guy that shot him!  :-)  And it’s full of Simon tokens of wisdom.  And all the wack jobs from past seasons show up!!!!  Norman Gentle!  The crazy really good singer who loved Barbara but had the most annoyting laugh ever!  The feather in his cap be my best friend guy!  That was fun :-)

Top 12 Girls – Beautiful and Fighter, Christina Aguilera

Lacey!  Didi! Katie! Siobhan! Crystal! Paige!  They’re all back…and they ROCKED it!  Go ladies!

And of course…Miss Christina herself…with funky hair.  And then she sings a song by herself…and
does NOT sound like herself.  She sounds good…just not like her.  Her voice is lower and more mature.  She looks different too…not bad…just different.  Hate her hair…but she sounds amazing!  Has beens?  Try has been BACK! :-)

And Ricky Gervais via satellite.  I’m sorry…he’s funny!  He says Simon is wonderful…he makes so many careers and only takes 80%…and it’s good he’s retiring cause he shouldn’t be working at his age.

Top 12 Boys – I Can’t go For That and Man Eater, Hall and Oats

Lee! Andrew!  Casey! Aaron!  Big Mike! Tim!

Dad says it only took 2 guys to sing these the first time.  :-)

And…Hall and Oats!  With You Make My Dreams Come True.  They actually sound the same…slightly off…but pretty good for the most part.  Heehee…Hall and Oats.  Some of the high notes were a little thin :-)  But that’s ok, we still love you.  I’m not sure which is which…but the shorter guitar playing guy doesn’t sing much…(I’m told Darryl Hall is the guy singing).

That was fun…but the girls rocked it better :-)

Ryan says hi to Crystal’s Dad…apparently he forgot his name :-)

Crystal – Ironic, alanis morissette

Oooh!  Good song. 

ALANIS!!!  She’s there!  Singing You Oughta Know!  WITH CRYSTAL!!!   And I almost had a heart attach when I thought they were actually going to sing the theatre line…but they have changed the lyrics a bit :-)

Crystal is smiling WAY too much for this song…but wouldn’t you be if you got sing a duet with
Alanis?  That…was…AWESOME!!!!  They sounded so good together!!!!  So pumped after that!!!

And now….Miss Carrie Underwood.  One of the most successful Idols ever.

Didn’t catch the song’s a new one of hers.  And of course she rocked it and was amazing….but even Christina sang with people.  What gives Carrie?  I guess Kris sang by himself too…apparently their pushing their new albums…since the producers get a cut and all, so they don’t feel the need to have the top 12 sing with them. 

I really liked that song.

Kris Allen has a surprise for Lee and Crystal…they get Ford Fiestas with their custom designs on them.  Lee doesn’t believe him…Crystal is all giggles :-)

And now the Ford Commercial with Lee and Crystal singing and a montage of all the past commercials. 

And they sound amazing together.  Seriously…they need to release a duet album.  I think they need to start a band.  Seriously.  They could be the next Lady Antebellum. 

Casey James – Every Rose Has it’s Thorns Guns and Roses

It is Guns and Roses, right?  Anyway…something sounds off…either the band is off or he is…and he’s got two guitars…starts with acoustic and goes into electric…and here comes Brett Michaels!!  He should be in bed! And…I guess it was Poison…not Guns and Roses….whoops!!  BUT!  BRETT!!!!!  You should be in bed!  What the hell are you doing?  First celebrity apprentice now Idol!  What are you doing to yourself!  :-(  Now I’m all weepy cause he’s doing this when he’s sick :-(

I have to say though…he sounded great.  They both did.  Really great actually.  Dad’s wondering if since he’s got so many health issues…he’s trying to capture as many great moments as he can :-(

Poor Brett. 

Lee and Chicago – What Time is It…or Time…not sure :-)  and If You Leave Me Now AND 25 or 64
I like Chicago.  And I like this song.  Lee sounds great.  The lead of Chicago…again…a bit rough. 
Better on If you Leave Me Now.  I’m sorry…but I can’t hear this song without thinking of the little penguins in Happy Feet.  And Lee was mouthing the words while it wasn’t his turn and the lead of Chicago was singing :-)  Cute.

Lee sounds awesome on 25 or 64.  The lead of Chicago might be high…and is bringing Lee down just a bit….sorry Chicago.

And we look back at Simon and Paula…awwwwww.  I miss Simon and Paula!  And the girls of Idol.  And Paula talking about how he’s a flirt if you’re a mirror…and how his hands usually end up on himself.  And Ryan points out Simon is a flirt…but only ended up in bed with one judge….and then we see a skit of Simon and randy waking up in bed together.  Nice acting guys :-)

And the Pants on the Ground guy is here!!!!  YAY!!  Woo…they gave him dancers and lights and a whole show…"pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground!”  

And William Hung comes out singing Pants on the Ground…WOW!  LMAO!!  HAHA!!!  Nice!

And…we saw a really cute State Farm commercial :-) 

Push a little AI tour….

And…more Simon footage.  LOTS of Paula interviews.  Remembering how she was shocked at the things coming out of his mouth the first year.  And how they became a family…and how dysfunctional they were.  And how she left after 8 years because she was tired of sitting between two guys with bigger boobs than she does.  :-)  And then she gets all gooey…and says how he taught her to be strong and how proud she is to be his friend.

AND SHE’S THERE!!!!!   And Simon gives Paula a standing ovation!!!  Just for walking onstage. 

Awww…Paula!!!  We love you!  She says hi to everyone…and she looks amazing!  And she’s coherent…and funny…but a bit subdued…it’s kind of scary…like you expect a bomb to go off…it feels awkward…cause you know….she isn’t there anymore.  You don’t know what she’ll say.  But good for her for being the bigger person and coming back. 

It was awkward and cute and I’m glad she came.

And now the montage with Sinatre’s I Did it My Way playing…one of Simon’s favorite songs.   Awwww…Simon’s leaving!!  :-(  I may be defecting to X factor

GASP!   KELLY CLARKSON!!! I think this may be the first time she’s been back on Idols since she won!  And Rueben and Fantasia…and Carrie…and Jordan!!  and Taylor!!!  and Kris!  It’s all of the idols on one stage for the first time ever!!!!!

Wait..I think we’re missing some….DAVID COOK!!  Where are you?!?!  Why aren’t you representing KC??!

And now it looks like all the past top twelves!!!  I saw Blake Lewis!!

Wow…that’s awesome.  What a send off.  And Paula watching it from Simon’s lap…very appropriate. 

And Simon is forced on stage.  Paula didn’t get a farewell like this..aww…Paula holds his hand and takes him to the stage…and Simon wants him to go up with him, but she won’t.  And Simon is surprised by how emotional he is tonight.  And Paula does come on stage and Simon says it’s great to have “this little one back.”  And he says the show will go on, it will be different, but it will continue.  And he says all the talk of who will replace him…the real judge is all of us and we’ve done an incredible job.  He was truly touched…and you can tell he really missed Paula and she missed him.  They’re really close friends and have a great chemistry of friendship.

Top 12 – Never Fall in Love with You Again, Janet Jackson

This song makes me sad.  And here comes JANET!  with SHORT hair!  And she goes on to sing…maybe a new song.  Not sure how I feel about the short hair.   Aw…she sounds like Michael.  She sounds good though.  Dad says… "Here’s the thing…she’s the talented one of the family.”   Wow…she really sounds like Michael though.

oooh!!  And we go from new song to….NASTY BOYS!  And lasers :-)

Dancin Janet!  This song sounds pre-recorded though…don’t think she’s doing it live…nope…she is doing some parts live…which makes the lip-synced parts even more obvious.  And her mike wasn’t working well cause she had to yell any part she actually spoke or sang.  Andn it just occured to me…they let her perform live again…first time after ni..uh…Super Bowl-Gate.

And Ryan reminds us there’s a reason we’re watching…Lee and Crystal!  And we go on a journey of

Lee and Crystal memories.

I hope we get another Lee and Crystal duet…

And what do you know…

Lee and Crystal - A Little Help from My Friends, The Beatles

Yay!!   And Joe Cocker is here!  I could have sworn it was a Beatles song…dad says it’s a Joe Cocker song…and then admits he doesn’t know who sang it first.

Taylor Hicks should be singing with Joe!!  He was compared to him a lot.

Joe sounds pretty good…moves crazy as ever :-)

And in the background a montage…and we see Crystal and Lee playing a guitar together…ONE guitar…Crystal strumming Lee on the frets.  That’s cute :-)

And they all sounded awesome on that one.

And here we go….officially envelope….delivered by some guy…very posh English guy…certifying the results.

Here we go…………

Dim the lights.

Oh god……

It’s time….

Lee’s already crying…and Crystal is grinning and telling him to breath….




Holy Crap!  How did that happen?!?  But you know what…in the moments before Ryan announced….I really didn’t care who won.  I love both of them.  And…Lee wanted it SO bad in those last moments…he was a wreck!  And Crystal is so happy for him.  And she’ll be ok.  In fact…I think Lee maybe needs the win more than Crystal does.  And Lee is overcome.  And in the middle of his stuttering acceptance speech the music plays and he sings a teary “It’s a Beautiful Day.” 

Ok…so Crystal out sang him and should have won.  But they both deserved to be there…and he truly came the farthest in this competition.

Ok, fine!  Crystal got robbed.  The sobbing teen girls won out yet again.  Lee is good…but Crystal
destroyed him last night.

So…looks like Howie’s prediction was right.  Oh…I didn’t post that did I? :-)
Here it is:

         Lee - Wins

        Crystal - Emotional farewell, and may appear again in 12 months with a single and album
                       (hopefully not of covers)

        Casey - Already has a record contract so they need to cut him now. He will be Cowells back up
                      horse if Lee turns into a nag

So good job Baby…you were right.  Might I add this prediciton came from a man who didn’t watch ONE show this season…it all came from my blog. 


Can’t believe he got it right…

Here’s to Lee and Crystal…may there be many more duets in our future.


Alright people….I’m gonna say it…just this once…

Stephanie OUT!

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