Wednesday, April 14, 2010

about Idol...

I watch American Idol.

There I said it. There are two reality shows I watch...American Idol and Project Runway.

And there is a blogger that I always read to see what she has to say about the show and normally I agree with her or at least can see where she's coming from. But this year I just don't agree with much she says. And I feel so strongly about it...I've decided I'll just blog about it myself!

So I realize I am jumping on board a bit late in the week will be the top 7. And it's a bit late in the series to, especially considering this might be the last watchable season...and it's barely that. Simon is leaving, the production quality seems to have slipped, Ryan is...weird, I don't know. For a family show there seems to be a lot of sexy talk (though it is funny) and while I love Ellen and she does contribute a little, most of the time she doesn't contribute much to the judging (though I think I prefer her to Kara...I still can't decide how I feel about that woman) AND all the contests LIP SYNC in the group performances!!! I mean...I understand it's hard when you have 24 people that are not use to singing in a chorus to all sync up...but come on! The group songs are bad enough...when you get that many people singing one song together, it's hard not to be cheesy, but lip syncing? If that's a preview of the tour...ick.

Anyway...enough about that. Let's get on to the remaining contestants. Here is how I feel about them so far. Let's start with the ladies:

Chrystal Bowersox - She's got dreadlocks, plays the guitar and piano and has a sound reminiscent of Janis Joplin though not so hoarse or grating (sorry guys...I think she is). She actually has an amazing voice. A popular word that has been used to describe her is authentic. And she is. She knows who she is, she stays true to herself and has solid performances every single week. She has blown me away more than once and I look forward to every one of her performances. This is my favorite contestant. I Love her sound and her laid back, comfortable attitude. (She is also humble enough to be worried every week, which I think says something good about her)

Siobhon Magnus - I can't pronounce her name, she is incredibly quirky and sometimes down right odd, but she seems sweet and DANG this girl can sing. I won't deny that. But the last few weeks she has disappointed me. The judges are giving some confusing, conflicting, and down right bad advise this season. The girl can belt notes most of us can only hit in falsetto...if we can hit them at all. The first time she belted one of her high notes during an Aretha song I was absolutely shocked and wondered how this pixie of a thing could do that! She also rocked it with Paint it Black. But Simon told her he was tired of the big notes after her third week doing them and she pulled back...and I have to say I don't care for her softer voice...and a couple performances have actually bored me. But the girl can sing so she deserves to be in it for a while longer.

And the gentleman:

Aaron Kelly - Like Katie he's young, cute and sweet. But this kid surprises me every week. When they announce the songs he's going to see I cringe sometimes because I'm expecting a cheesy performance...but he always seems to change it just enough and give it a bit more...perhaps soul is the word I am looking for, than I expect. And he has got a good voice. During Elvis week he slipped a was a little too close the original and you just can't do that with a song like Blue Suede Shoes without sounding like an impersonator, but he still did a good job and it was an enjoyable performance.

Casey James - Heehee...he's cute. Judge Kara and Poshy Posh Spice had him remove some clothing in his audition. And he is probably the best guitar player Idol has ever seen. From my untrained eyes...he can play. And I love his soulful, bluesy voice when he really gets into it. I think he definitely needs to stick to the bluesy side of things and maybe loosen up JUST a bit...but I do enjoy his performances.

Lee Dewyze - I am stupidly in Love with my fiance, I want to make that very clear right now. But Lee is A-DORABLE! Oh my, when he smiles his sideways smile :-) And the man had a bagpipe player accompany him! He has a growling kind of voice at times, I would say he brings to mind Dave Matthews or Rob Thomas but a good way. He plays the guitar as well...lots of guitar players this year. The judges complain he doesn't put enough personality to his performances and he doesn't connect enough, and I have to say I think he could let loose a bit more, but they can't deny he sounds great. I hope he sticks around I said...adorable. (And he rocks it out...yeah.)

Michael Lynche - He's a brand new father (his baby was born during Hollywood Week) and he is a big teddy bear. He has a great voice...but he keeps singing ballads. He has sung a couple of more up beat R&B songs and I loved it. He moved around the stage and danced and he always put a big grin on my face watching him. But the last few weeks he's been slacking. He got stuck in a ballad, sleepy rut. And he nearly went home. The judges used their only save on him last week. Last night they said they were glad they did, but I can't agree. He sang yet another ballad when he could have really let loose...or at least spunked it up a bit. And personally, though I really like him and think he has potential, I think he should have gone home this week. He didn't and I hope he livens it up next week.

Tim Urban - Ah the come back kid. He really must have a Guardian Angel. He wasn't suppose to be in the top 24, but someone got kicked out (a very controversial decision) and he was called back in. And he was not good. He kept coming back every week because of his million watt smile and those good looks that are MADE to be a teen idol. So of course the girls are calling in. And I have been hoping for WEEKS that he would go, knowing he wouldn't because of the girls. But just when we SHOULD have been getting to the point where the competition is narrowed down enough that even the teenage girls have to know he's not good enough to oust the truly talented contestants...he comes BACK! His last two performances have been leaps and bounds better than he has been before. And dang it...I'm starting to like him. Just when I was almost to the point of getting rid of him. Sigh.

And...I am going to comment on the most recent eliminations. This week there were two because Michael was saved last week. And the two are:

Andrew Garcia - Oh Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. He started off so well. During Hollywood week he did an acoustic version of Paula Abdul's Straight Up that I LOVED! It was brilliant. But he hasn't been very impressive since. He just couldn't seem to capture another moment like that. He peaked WAY early. He sailed on that one performance for a while. And he had a couple of decent performances, but he just never seemed to really find his groove or his true style and kept leaning towards lounge lizard. Which is a shame because he is a really likable guy. I'm sad to see him go, but it was time.

Katie Stevens - She's cute, she's young, she's sweet...and the girl really can sing if the judges would have just left her alone. They kept complaining about her singing being too old fashioned...but I loved her early performances. Then her performances got shaky...not very consistent. Last night she seemed to have said screw the judges and did what she wanted, even going so far as to sing a song called Baby What You Want Me to Do, and I thought she was great. She was sassy, confident and sounded amazing. I really like this girl and wish the judges would have just let her do her thing! I think it's a shame she went home this early. But, she is young and I don't think we've seen the last of her. She has a very mature voice...maybe she just needs to grow into it :-)

So there it is...possibly longer than what I'll do in weeks to come. And probably very boring to all of you..but I felt the need to share :-)

All the contestants seem genuinely nice this year and genuinely friends with each other. It's a tight knit group so every elimination is sad...but we're getting down to the point where I like everyone and won't want anyone to's gonna get tough!!

Here's to guilty pleasure TV!!!



  1. Wow, that's QUITE the breakdown..!

    Now I FEEL guilty for never having watched the show! I mean, I'm not saying that I WILL (I just can't stand it..!!), but at least now, thanks to your thorough analization of it...

    ...I feel guilty about it!

    - F


  2. LOL! So you now feel guilty about NOT watching my guilty pleasure TV :-)

    Well...that's quite an accomplishment. Thanks :-)