Sunday, April 4, 2010

…about planning ahead.

So...I got an iPod (can I just say that spell check knows the exact correct way to spell iPod? I forgot to capitalize the P and was corrected…) for my birthday (thanks Baby!!) and decided to go the the Apple store to get a nifty case to protect my new little toy...
(Side Notes: 1) Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone the day the iPad came out, however…the store was very well organized with a line outside for ipad purchases and the rest of us able to roam freely to buy anything else. 2) I was standing in the middle of the store with my purchase, trying to figure out where exactly to go to pay for it, and a sales woman came up to me and asked if I was ready to check out (I was) and whipped out an ipod touch and rang me up right the middle of the store! No line…no cash register…no counter…it was awesome! ANYWAY, I digress…)
I would like to now take you on short journey of what I found when I opened my brand new iPod case:


This is how my case came…with a fake little iPod inside…the case all closed up.
See…completely closed up.
So imagine my surprise when I carefully opened the case and this is the first thing I see is this:
Instructions on how to OPEN the case…inside the case. Well gee, thanks! I don’t know how I EVER would have gotten that case open without those instructions locked up on the inside! Whew…thanks for the heads up!
I guess the thing about planning ahead is….some people don’t!
So here’s to planning ahead…and the amusement those of us around you get when you don’t!
Cheers ;-)

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