Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol – Idol Gives Back!

It’s rough…and late…and a lot…sorry! There was a lot to take in this night and I didn’t have time to edit except for tonight…so here you go, forgive me:

More…cheesey…group…LIP-SYNCING!  Ugh…some of the singing might have been live, but I suspect most of it was not.  They  brought back the top 12 for a group performance that was sleepy and cheesy…but it was nice to see some old faces.  However…if that’s a peek at what the summer concert tour will be…yikes!
Poshy-posh Spice made an appearance…I have to say I wasn’t a fan of hers but after seeing her as a guest judge during auditions I have to admit…I’m starting to like her.  Especially when she puts Simon in his place :-)
I also have to admit…the evening as a whole was quite touching.  Millions of people coming together to help children all over the world.  Made me feel guilty and like I don’t do enough…I really should do some volunteering.
Queen Latifa was co-host at another location…beautiful as ever.

Here’s the recap:
Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Jennifer Gardner,Victoria Beckham, George Lopez, Morgan Freedman (woohoo!  using a hoola-hoop!), Josh Grobin, Slash, Jim Carrey, Elliot Yamin, Mr. and Mrs. Gates, Wanda Sykes (Woo!), David Cook (Rar! KC BOY!), Ben Affleck, and  George Lopez (crackin me up).

I don’t know what it is but the professional performances have not been good this year.  Everyone sounds crappy…hmm…maybe that’s why there’s been so much lip-syncing group performances this year…
Black Eyed PeasRock That Body – The guys sounded rough, but Fergie sounded good.
Jeff Beck and Joss StoneI Put a Spell On You – Damn…that is a BIG sultry, soulful voice for such a little…um…ok I’m sorry but she looks like typical ditzy valley girl. 
Alicia Keys – Alecia had some nice moments….but she had some really bad ones too. 
Carrie UnderwoodChange – Just when I think it’s Idols fault people sound bad, Carrie hits it out of the park.  She has a huge, amazing voice.
Annie Lennox – Beautiful.  She had to come to us from London as she was stranded by the volcanic ash…by what a voice.  She has certainly still got it. 
Mary J Blige and a Crap Load of PeopleStairway to Heaven, I don’t care for this song.  Sorry.  But she did a good job as well as the crap load of people making up the band :-)  They ended up rockin it out.  I dug it.
Elton John, Your Song – I Love Elton John, I don’t care what anyone says.  And I Love this song.  And no one can sing it like Elton.  Sorry Ewan.
Ford commercial – I remember way back when these first started they were kind of cute and fun….not so much this season.

Ryan pulled out Chrystal and Casey, Chrystal was nervous! She is nervous every week and I also think she hates to see people go. Casey was in the bottom 3 for first time (told you his looks were fading), Chrystal is safe (woohoo!!!)
Lee and Aaron – Lee looked more nervous than Aaron…but Aaron looked nervous too.  Poor guys….I wanted to give them hugs!!  They looked so scared! :-(  Aaron was in the bottom 3.  Lee was safe (whew!).
Mike, Siobhan, and Tim all appear on stage together – Tim was smiley as always.  Siobhan was the first to be announced as safe, then Mike…Tim ended up in the bottom three.
Casey, Aaron, and Tim.  To be honest I won’t be broken hearted for any of them to go, though they’re all nice guys.
Aaron is safe – good….he’s a good kid and he has a good voice, just needs to work on the performance a bit.
Casey is safe, Tim’s goin home!
Well…I would have preferred he went home a few weeks ago, then I could have been completely happy.  But he really was the weakest last night and it was his time.  I think Casey has more potential to get better.
Damn those goodbye videos…he really is cute and has a great smile and attitude.  And he was getting better while the others were getting worse.  But…bye-bye Tim!  See you on the tour!  (I won’t really…cause there’s no way I’m going to that!  But lots of other people will)
Well…another down…6 more to go.

“And another one gone, another gone, another one bites the dusta!”

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