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American Idol Top 7 – Idol Gives Back Week

It’s long…sorry! And I came to the delightful realization that the few people I KNOW read this, don’t watch Idol…so you can’t disagree with me cause you didn’t see it…therefore, everything I say is right :-D

So my parents and I settled in to watch AI and Mom asks what week this is…and I snarkily reply “Ryan annoys me week?” I don’t know what it is, but that man has been getting me on my nerves this season. I don’t know if it’s sad cause Simon is leaving or what…anyway….it’s IDOL GIVE BACK week! Woohoo! (which means tomorrow night is going to draaaag fooooreeeever! TGFDVR!) Alicia Keys was the mentor this week and, while I love Alicia, they kept playing the ONE song of hers I don’t care for – No One. I’m sorry but it is a bit whiney and grates on me. And…I gotta say she didn’t seem to do much for the contestants. But she is still awesome so we’ll let it go. The theme this week is inspirational songs in honor of Idol Gives Back.
Guitar Hero Casey James – Don’t Stop, Fleetwood Mac
I like Casey…love Fleetwood…wasn’t crazy about this performance. As always, his guitar playing was great, his voice was good and I actually thought he loosened up a bit more this week and his showmanship was better. But it didn’t wow me or excite me. He didn’t bring anything new to the song. As my dad said – Apparently you just can’t improve on Lindsey. (Buckingham…member of Fleetwood Mac…for those of you who knew that…Nice! For those that didn’t…keep up!) Needless to say none of the judges were all that impressed.
Cutie Patootie Lee Dewyze - The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel
As usual, the week’s mentor is trying to get Lee to connect and put emotion in the song, and damn if he didn’t do it! My parents felt it was the wrong song choice, dad felt this is one of those songs that shouldn’t have been messed with…but I liked it. I thought he did a really good job, I love his voice and I think he really performed it this week. He was engaging and I felt a stronger connection between him and the audience tonight. The judges loved it. Simon said it was “sincere, emotional, inspirational.” Um…he also smiled a lot more this week…always great when Lee smiles ;-) (Did I mention I am stupidly, completely in Love with my Fiancé? Just want to make sure that’s still clear….)
Come Back Kid Tim Urban – Better Days, The Goo Goo Dolls
Well, they call him the come back kid and what do you know - old Tim’s back…and that’s not a good thing. First of all, I don’t think this was a good key for Tim. It didn’t impress me. He did alright…but not great. Randy said it was ok, Ellen said he was like the soup of the day, some days she likes, sometimes not and she didn’t like today’s soup. Kara blabbered about it being were he belongs but not a good execution…whatever that means. I understand what she’s saying, but if it’s where he belongs….shouldn’t he have executed it well? Simon said he has improved over the weeks but this was a let down. Tim smiled through the criticism as always. Can’t say the kid doesn’t have a good attitude.
12 Year Old Aaron Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly
I know there is a really uncomfortable joke in here somewhere….12 year old….R. Kelly…but that would be inappropriate so let’s just move on to the performance. Aaron always puts a bit of country twang to a song…not overtly, but always a touch and that tends to help him make songs his own and he always seems to surprise me with the maturity he puts into his vocals and performances, but this week and last week it has felt like he’s been putting on an act…not a performance, an ACT. It doesn’t feel like it’s him, it feels like it’s a character he’s playing. Which I suppose works for a lot of mega performers, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It all felt very planned out, choreographed and…insincere. There’s definitely emotion there…it just kind of feels like acted emotion. Vocals were good…all the right moves were made…but I didn’t feel it. Randy, Ellen, and Kara loved it though so what do I know? BUT!! Simon agreed with ME! HA! (Oh no…maybe I AM turning British! My Fiancé's evil plan may be working…)
Quirky-Crazy-A$$ Notes Siobhan Magnus – When You Believe, Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston
That’s right, I billed Mariah first…what? Siobhan (by the way…how the heck does spell check know how to spell Siobhan?) started off in her higher voice that I don’t care for. There is a certain register she sings in at times that sounds too nasally…it feels like her voice is trapped and if she would just push it from a bit lower instead of up in her sinuses, it could be released and soar! AND…I swear she hasn’t been hitting some notes lately…some sound like they just aren’t quite in tune. It was also a diva performance and I just don’t see her as diva…I see her more soul and gritty and…I don’t even know. She is too quirky and fun to be a diva! But girl hit an absolutely gorgeous, pure note towards the end of this performance. I appreciate that she changed it up from a big belted note at the end and went more soft-still-incredible-that-she-can-hit-that-and-get-that-tone. I can’t pin point her….I don’t know what her style is…but she has an amazing voice. No arguing that. When the judges tell her they can’t figure out her style and she says she sings all different styles and she doesn’t have to be pigeon holed, I totally feel her and agree…but still. I keep hearing her sing songs that I don’t think quite fit her. Maybe….MAYBE! Someone just needs to write songs for her…maybe there just aren’t enough songs out there that fit.
Michael LyncheHero, apparently by members of Nickelback, Saliva, Theory of a Deadman, and Our Lady Peace
We were worried we’d have another snoozy ballad…so I was happy to hear he was singing a little bit more of a rockin song. And then…Ugh! He mellowed it! He took a wonderfully rough song and smoothed it. And he played an acoustic guitar while the band rocked out…which just didn’t fit and bugged me. He frustrates me because I loved him so much and enjoyed his performances SO much in the beginning! Having said that…his voice was great….I just didn’t get excited about the performance. Judges weren’t crazy about it as a whole, Randy and Ellen enjoyed it but weren’t jumping out of their seats and Kara and Simon didn’t seem to care for it. I am really hoping Michael gets out of this rut.
Chrystal BowersoxPeople Get Ready, The Impressions
Chrystal needs no nickname.
Oh no…Ryan announced Chrystal is going without an instrument for the first time all season…I was frightened. I LOVE Chrystal and I didn’t want her thrown off by not playing an instrument. And then….OH – MY –GOD! A-MAZING! People Get Ready indeed! She started off with a beautiful a cappella and moved into her soulful, grittier voice, showing off her incredible vocal range, not only with notes but with style. She was crying by the end and so was I! Some of the judges have wanted Chrystal to connect more, show more emotion…and did she ever! Just in the last few moments of the song she broke down, in a good way…full of emotion…but still managed to finish. Probably not in quite the way she planned :-) But it was REAL and sincere! Siobhan debatably has the best voice of the season technically….but Chrystal has an amazing voice AND she performs the $@#$ out of it! This was the only performance tonight that made me stop everything I was doing and pay complete attention. I can’t even describe it to you…iTunes! Buy it! Now! (or go to YouTube and watch it free…I don’t really care) And she is adorable and sweet too…still, by far, my favorite. The judges loved it, Randy gave her a standing ovation, and the general feel was that she is in a different league than the other contestants…can’t say I disagree. When they played back clips of all the performances…no one touched Chrystal.
On a production note: the clips of all the performances played at the end…the ones trying to get people to vote… sucked tonight and they were obviously taken from different performances…Chrystal broke down at the end of her song, but not during the end clip. I understand they probably have to prepare them before the show even begins…but they didn’t even pick the best parts of the songs! Grrr. Geez…Simon announces he is leaving and suddenly everyone starts slackin! Suck it up Idol!
Honestly…I don’t know who will go home tomorrow. Possibly no one since in the past they have been generous in the spirit of Idol Gives Back and not sent anyone home. All I have to say is….Chrystal better stay. Siobhan could be in danger, I don’t think people like the direction she’s been heading in and if she does stay she needs to whip it back around quick! I’d like to say Tim will be going home because I think he had the weakest performance, but I think his smile might save him yet again. My personal bottom 3? Tim, Casey, and Michael. I love Michael, but he’s been boring me. I love Casey too, but again, such potential that isn’t being harvested because of song choice. And Tim…well you know how I feel about Tim.
Well…that’s all folks! Bedtime!
Here’s to getting back to real reality!

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