Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol – Top 6

It’s Shania Twain night!! Canadian accent and all! I do have to say, I’m a Shania fan. I like her songs…they’re so darn catchy and fun. And she seems like she is really nice and would be fun to hang out with. She was pretty goofy during her guest judge appearance during auditions.

Let’s get right to it:

Lee Dewyze - Looks Like We Made It It’s no secret I’m a Lee fan. I love this guys rough voice. I thought he did a really nice job. As my dad says, it’s easier for the guys to change it up…they naturally aren’t going to sing exactly like Shania :-) But he really did a good job making it his own and brining it over to today and more of an alternative feel. And he is really performing well now. He doesn’t feel so detached from the audience now. The judges liked it, Shania seemed to really enjoy it…and I agree with Ellen – “you couldn’t look cuter” :-)

Michael LyncheIt Only Hurts When I Breath
Yeah, yeah…you sing a great ballad. Yet another one from Mike this week, but to be fair I’m not sure of what else he could do from the Shania songbook. Most of her fast songs aren’t really songs a guy can sing :-) He did do a really good job though. I did enjoy this performance more than I have the last few ones he’s done. To be honest, I’ve never heard this song so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but he did a beautiful job. Shania was in tears and the judges loved it…as usual. Except for Simon…who thought the performance was a bit “wet.” Which confused everyone and in explanation he said it’s the opposite of dry. And then said it was a bit girly. I think I may have to ask my British fiancé what the heck that means. (the wet part, not the girly…I understood the girly…though I don’t know how anyone could call that man girly…)
Casey JamesDon’t This performance felt like the focus was more on the voice and less on the guitar…and goodness me. He sounded great! He sounded just like someone…and I can’t put my finger on who…some group…not the Googoo Dolls…oh that’s gonna bug me. Anyway, I thought it was a great performance and different from what we’ve seen from him. I loved his sound on this. The judges loved it too.

Crystal BowersoxNo One Needs to Know I love this song…it’s cute and fun. It isn’t something I would have expected for Chrystal, but I’m not sure what Shania song I would have expected from Chrystal. This performance had more of her lighter, sweeter, Jewel like voice as apposed to the Janice Joplin influence. It wasn’t her best performance, but it was still a solid, Chrystal performance and I enjoyed it. Her tone was great although I think she could have loosened up just a touch. It was the first Chrystal performance I wasn’t WILD about…but I still liked it and I love her. Keep doin your thing all the way the finale girl. It wasn’t the favorite Chrystal performance of the judges either, but as they said, it’s still great and as Ellen said “it’s like choosing your least color of the rainbow”…they’re all beautiful. Simon didn’t like it…at all. But he probably doesn’t like the Rainbow either.

Aaron KelleyYou Gotta Way
Aaron should do well since he always has a country vibe to him anyway. And he did a great job. The song suited him beautifully and he had great control over his voice. His voice seemed to have slipped the last couple of weeks, but this week he was back and spot on. There was emotion and poise…it was great. And apparently the kid is 17 now…happy birthday Aaron :-) Oh wow…and then he told us he sang the song to his mom (so thank God he changed that “when we make love” lyric…) and I found myself going “awww” and “blech!” all at the same time! But it was really sweet and he got teary eyed when he said that. Awww…mama’s boys are cute. As long as you aren’t dating them. Judges loved it and Simon started out criticizing his past performances, but ended up saying Aaron was like a different artist tonight…and that this is the kind of album he should be doing. Well done kid.

Siobhan MagnusAny Man of Mine
Shania’s anthem. LOVE this song! Siobhan kinda looked like Shania tonight…and sounded like her. She didn’t change it up much. She sounded great and was in a good vocal range for her for the whole song…but the song seemed to get away from her a bit. She seemed like she was struggling to keep up with the faster parts. She kind of rocked it out at the end…and hit one of her signatures notes. And it was an awesome ending…but that was the only part I really liked. The rest was…dare I say…a bit karaoke? (If you watch the show you know that’s a favorite buzz word) The judges loved it…I have to disagree. She did well, but I wasn’t impressed…except for the end. I have to admit, the end was impressive.

And shockingly that was the last performance of the night! We’re gettin down to the wire! My favorites tonight were Lee, Casey…and I think Aaron! It’s anyone’s game at this point…they all did a nice job tonight. Who goes home, no one knows! It’s a hard call to say who will go home this week, or even who will be in the bottom three…and I choose not to choose this week.  My blog, my prerogative. 
Shania did a really good job mentoring this week and I forget how good of a songwriter she is. They had some great material to work with. 
COUNTING CROWS!!!!  COUNTING CROWS COUNTING CROWS!  That’s who Casey sounded like tonight!  Round Here.  Whew…thank God!!  It was RIGHT on my tongue!  And sorry…I suck and don’t know the name of the lead singer.
Anyway…It’s going to be a tough elimination night tomorrow.  I like them all…it’s going to be tough from here on out actually.  Get ready for tears!
“Back to life…back to reality…”

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