Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol Top 6 – Elimination Night

Who will it be, who will it be? 

And we tonight we have for our top 6: Siobhan Magnus, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche, Lee Dewyze, Casey James and Crystal Bowersox.

By the way…I write this as I watch it, so your getting my reactions AS I’m having them!  :-)

Shakira and Rascal Flatts performing tonight…interesting combo…
And Sons of Sylvia  and Lady Antebellum.

“One of these things is not like the other….one of these things just doesn’t belong…”  (that would be my dad singing)


Rascal Flatts – Unstoppable
Mom doesn’t like Gary’s high voice and doesn’t think the lead singer is cute (he does looks different)…for some reason Dad doesn’t think it’s country.  (He says cause there’s no steel guitar…ok Dad.)
I thought they did well.  Although there were a couple bad notes in there…

Idol goes vampirey!!!  Apparently they are all being dressed up as vampires for the Ford commercial this week…except for Mike who is being attacked.  It was actually kind of cool.  Don’t worry about Mike…he had an extra garlic pizza, so he survived :-)

And we learn that Ryan has a cameo in Shrek Forever After and hilarity ensued as the contestants tried to voice a scene…including “Scottish” accents that sounded more Arnold Schwarzenegger.  And for the record…yes I want to see the new Shrek and yes I enjoyed all the past ones.  So there.
Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz made an appearance…Antonio is getting old.

And we’re splitting them into groups!  Siobhan goes stage right, Aaron (who always looks so incredibly scared on elimination night…poor kid!) moves to center, and Mike goes stage left.  Lee is up next…and he joins Siobhan.  Casey James – joins Mike on the left.  And Chrystal…in the center.

You never know what game Ryan is playing.  One group could be in the bottom…one from each in the bottom…or they could all be mixed up!!

3 groups of 2.  Ryan asks Siobhan to walk with him towards the couches…and is placed next to Casey.  And this is the bottom three.  Everyone else…is safe! 

Ryan can be such an ass…walking her towards the couches like she’s safe!  Evil man!
So we have Michael, Casey, and Siobhan in the bottom three.

THIS JUST IN – Harry Connick Jr will be mentor next week with the songs of Frank Sinatra!!!!!  Woohoo!  Love Harry Connick!

Sons of Sylvia – Love Left to Loose
Never heard of them…but apparently Carrie Underwood has made music with them.  They don’t really sound country though…Dad says it’s country…doesn’t know which country…but it’s country :-)  My dad is funny (at least he thinks so…heehee!).  Apparently they are country…sure don’t sound like it though.  But I liked them.  Might have to check out more of their music.

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
I really like this song…it’s been playing on the top 40 stations.  And they had a really good live performance.  The country artists have been singing better live than the others.  Probably because there’s less machiny things done in the studio with their songs.  (Like my use of technical music industry terms?)

Shakira and Rascal Flatts – Gypsy
WEIRD combination!  And Shakira was playing a harmonica!  But you know what?  It worked.  That rascally rascal only really joined in at the end…but I actually really liked the song.

And the lights dim…
Mike is safe.  Crap. 
Not that I don’t love Mike..but he would be my pick to go out of this trio.
Siobhan and Casey are left…and I’m torn.  Siobhan undeniably has an amazing voice…but she hasn’t been wowing me.  And I think Casey could keep getter better.  But does he deserve to stay over Siobhan?  I just don’t know.  Ultimately I think I would be more sad to see Casey go though.


Lights Dim…

And it’s Siobhan going home.  And I’m not happy about it…now that it’s happened I think it’s too early for her to go.  Crystal looks broken hearted…everyone is sad to see her go…but I think at this point their so close they would be upset to see anyone go.

And Chrystal stands alone.  In a season that was expected to be dominated by the women…there is only one left in the top 5.

Siobhan gets to sing her farewell song...I realized this week that Tim didn’t get to last week with all the Idol Gives Back hooplah.

She chose Aretha Franklin’s Think.  Which was my favorite performance of hers and the song that made me sit up and take notice.  It was the first time she showed off the big notes she can hit.  And just like before…damn!  How the hell does she do it?  Her performance was great and she went out, literally, on a high note…with a big old bang. 

And just realized...Wow…no group song tonight.  Thank GOD!  :-)

So…goodbye Siobhan.  As Simon says you’re a funny little thing.  With a rockin amazing voice.  You will be missed.  But I have a feeling it’s not the last we’ve seen of Miss Magnus.

Here’s to hitting the high ones!


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