Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol – Harry Connick Jr!!

It’s Harry Connick night!!!!!!  Yay!  So exciting!  Hopefully I can hear the music accurately through my ear infection…Stephanie is not feeling so hot tonight.

Sir Anthony Hopkins was spotted in the audience…interesting!  Go Sir Tony!
Ok…so this is an exciting night for me because I love Harry Connick Jr, I love his song style, his voice (speaking and singing) and I love Sinatra (although I have to say I’m a bigger Dino fan).  So I’m all KINDS of excited!!

Harry has some cool equipment…he is not only mentoring, but he is also writing the arrangements with a fancy computer/piano.  And I forget he is an ornery, ornery man.  :-)  I think he’s delightful.  Charming and funny…and as Dad says, he can be a bit of a $h8&…but in a good way :-)  (starts with S ends in T!)
Sinatra’s daughters join us tonight as well and brought Simon a gift – a monogrammed Sinatra hanky (he’s a fan).  And Simon appeared sincerely touched.

Harry is doing a great job mentoring.  He is teaching them things and showing them how they are sounding and why they need to fix it

Aaron Kelly – Fly Me to the Moon
This is one of my favorite Sinatra songs.  And Aaron…sweet, sweet Aaron…he did alright….the last half was better than the first…but it felt…and I HATE it when the judges use this term, but pageanty.  It reminded me of a pageant at a state fair.  I feel like the song lost it’s charm.  And ok, I realize Sinatra is hard to be compared to, but still.   I’m sorry…that’s what it reminded me of. 
Randy liked it, Ellen thought the piano was pitchy :-)  (We have Harry on the piano), Kara didn’t think it was as strong as last week.   Simon agreed with Kara and thought it was corny.  Dad thought it was the arrangement’s fault.  I agree with Mom think the band did run away from him a bit.

Casey James – Blue Skies
Looking really snazzy with his hair pulled back and his fancy vest and dress shirt.  Apparently his friend called him for a gig this week that paid $50 bucks and free food…Casey explained his friend doesn’t watch television and hadn’t heard.  And to the performance….and damn.  He started off great…amazing tone, no guitar.  But the song was a bit slow throughout.  I liked the slow in the beginning, but it should have sped up a bit.  And his voice wobbled a bit on the notes he held…the end note was good though.
Randy thought it was his worst And Ellen continues to pick on Harry stating the piano shouldn’t be on stage :-)  Giving him his own medicine.  But she agreed with Randy.  Kara was glad he actually held notes, but thought he sounded like a lamb (baaaaa).  Simon said he wasn’t fantastic.  Harry thought he sang better in rehearsal and came to his defense saying it was difficult to hear on that stage.  Casey admitted he was uncomfortable without his guitar.

 And we say hi to Sir Anthony Hopkins!!!!  :-)

Crystal Bowersox – Summer Wind
Harry likes her interpretation, he can tell she’s singing about something, but can’t tell what.  He likes that being ambiguous makes the audience more able to make it personal to them.  And Harry has a mystery on his hands and wants to know what the heck she’s singing about!!  And why it’s so personal to her.  Crystal is snazzed out too in a fancy dress!!

Wow…miss Janis Joplin/Mellissa Ethridge/Lilith Fair can sing standards!!  I thought this was amazing.  Her voice was so smooth…it was a beautiful and emotional.

Randy said it was ok and wasn’t crazy about it.  Ellen wanted her to loosen up, but other than that she said she has a lot of different sides and is impressive.  Kara said it was out of her element but she liked it, especially her phrasing.  Simon thought the first half was too jazzy.  I think the judges are full of it.
And Crystal basically told them all they don’t know how to speak to their lovers.  In a MUCH nicer way than I just said though :-)  Crystal holds her own and defends and stands by her work, but in a very nice, sweet way.  I agree with my parents…it’s the best of the night so far and we all really liked it.

Michael Lynch – The Way You Look Tonight
Mike’s lookin good.  Nice hat, nice suit…I’m really hoping he lets loose and has fun with an upbeat song tonight.  I love it when Mike moves and grooves :-)

Starting off slow…and it picked up a bit…but still not what I’m looking for from Mike.  It was a decent performance though.

Randy thought it was unbelievably good, Ellen said he seems the most comfortable, was smooth and charismatic, Kara said he took us on a journey and didn’t loose himself, Simon pointed out the trickiness of the night, with Sinatras in the audience and Connick onstage…and said all the rest of the performances were ok but this one changed everything. 

WTF?!?!?! Whatever!  I don’t know what the judges are smoking…suddenly Mike is their favorite and Crystal just can’t please them.  Know why?  Cause they like their little boxes and Mike fits into the ballad box really well..and Crystal doesn’t fit so well in a box.  That’s right…I ranted.

Lee Deweyz – That’s Life
Connick says his wife thinks Lee’s really cute (she’s not the only one!) and decided he looks like a different version of himself.  :-)

Wow…it was like a whole different Lee tonight!  He was loose and having fun and charming and charismatic and confident!  He was wonderful!!  I think my favorite of the night!

Randy loved it, Ellen was distracted by Harry’s organ….instrument guys, instrument, but thought if this was the last night Lee would have won.  Kara told him he needs more confidence because he can win it.  Simon commended Harry on his work with the contestants, especially brining out Lee’s personality and confidence.  He thought it was by far the best performance of the night.  And this time…I whole heartedly agree with the judges!

And…we’re done.  Looking back…Aaron amateurish and cheesy, Casey loungy, Crystal still amazing, Mike good but not exciting to me :-( and Lee…awwwwwsooomee!  (that is sing songy by the way)
I’m thinking bottom 3….Mike, Aaron and Casey.  I really hope Crystal isn’t in trouble this week and people don’t listen to the judges when it comes to Crystal.

Here’s to hoping!!


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