Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol Elimination Night

 Top 4...and soon three.  My pick to go would be Mike...even though I like him.  I am nervous tonight.  I really want Lee and Crystal to stay.

And Fantasia performs first.  I wasn’t ever a really big Fantasia fan, though I can appreciate the appeal…and she killed her version of “Summertime”.  I actually think I liked her better tonight that when she won...she’s grown in the years since she won.

Ryan points out that the top 3 not only get in the top 3, but they get to go home….well the person that doesn’t make the top 3 gets to go home too!  Just…maybe not in the same fashion….
Top 3 gets parades, and they’re own days and meetings with the mayor…4th person probably gets…who knows!

And we get to se a montage of crying contestants overwhelmed by their homecomings.  It was all very sweet.  And we ask what it would mean to our top 4 to go home as top 3.  Mike wants to see his puppy’s and smell the St. Pete Florida air.  Crystal wants to play a gig with her base player.  Lee wants to thank his supporters and have a conversation with his parents without cameras.  And Casey wants to see his puppies, family, friends, smell the air…and hear a bunch of people say y’all :-)
Dim the lights…

Casey is safe…and in the top 3.
Ooooh….Casey first one safe.  Lee and Crystal better be safe!! Grrr…

Daughtry!!! September

The shock heard round…well round the Idol Universe.   Daughtry went home FAR too early in his season.  He was a favorite…definitely my Sister-in-Law’s favorite…I think he was mine too…lots of people’s.  He changed up songs, brought his own twist to all of them, rocked out…cleaned up well and showed a softer side when he wore snazzy clothes and sang “What a Wonderful World”.  And I believe he went home after the top 4.  Didn’t even make top 3.  And he looked pissed!  But…understandably so.  He was awesome.  Still is.  In fact…he’s even better than he was then.  He got better control of his voice.  Could have been the best thing to ever happen to him.  He may have ended up having more freedom NOT winning…and has enjoyed much success since.

Lights dim again…

Ryan starts with Mike…and goes down the line recapping last night’s performances.

And Mike…has to hang tight.  Lee…is headed back to Chicago…ok…had to hang on to see if Ryan was playing one of his crappy little games…but he is going home as a top 3 contestant!  Whew…that scared the crap out of me.

Bon Jovi!!! 

I like Bon Jovi…but it was alright…pretty mellow.

And we’re back to the elimnation….we have Mike and Crystal.  Mike?  Or another Daughtry?





Thank goodness!  I feel bad for Mike…and Crystal is a mess…probably a mixture of relief that she’s staying an sadness for Mike going.  Mike’s a nice guy and his sweet wife is so sad for him…but smiling to stay positive for him.

And in the playback of Mike’s journey we see the week the judges used their save on him….and it was a wider shot than on that night…and we see Ryan’s reaction.  He was HAPPY that Mike was staying!  He jumped up and ran across the stage.

Mike performed the same song as the night before…I’m surprised he didn’t sing “A Woman’s Work” since it was probably his best, most moving performance.  But he loosed up.  Once again…I enjoyed it more than the actual performance.

But I am happy with our top 3.  Maybe someone else that was left behind before should have been there instead of Casey…but out of these 4, I’m happy.

So…top 3.  Crystal, Casey and Lee.  Exciting times ahead.

Here’s to Big Mike.  You will be missed…everyone really does love you.  And here’s to your little baby


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