Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol Top 4

Movie and Duet Night
Oooh!  Duets!  What did I say?  Wasn’t I just saying I wanted a Crystal/Lee duet?  I hope they do it!
And movie night should at least have good songs, but it definitely has potential to be cheesy or just plain bad.

The mentor tonight is music artist/actor Jamie Foxx.  He has challenged them to go from being contestants to artists and handed out t-shirts during the mentor session telling them which they were.

Lee DewyzeKiss from a Rose by Seal

Once again the mentor is working to get Lee to connect and be more expressive.  At the end of it Jamie gave him the artist shirt…but warned him not to get it taken back.

I don’t think I would have chosen this song for him.  He did a nice job and he was more expressive, but he didn’t do anything with it.  It was exactly the Seal version.  He sounded really good and was enjoyable to watch, but it wasn’t a wow moment.

Randy agreed with me, but was a bit harsher.  Ellen said she gets what Randy is saying, but Lee is just so good.  Kara thought it was too much range for him.  Simon said he should have a contestant T-shirt because it was trying to sound like the original and out of all the movie songs available, this wasn’t the best for him.

Michael Lynch Will You Be There by Michael Jackson

Jamie was trying to get him to loosen up and dance…THANK YOU!  And gave him a contestant shirt because he didn’t quite know the song yet.  But Mike refused to take it and said he was coming back for the artist shirt :-)  You get ‘em Mike!

It was alright.  Again…didn’t wow me.  He sang really well as usual, he didn’t move like he used to. 
Randy didn’t love it and wished he had gone more R&B and said it never took off (which is true, it didn’t…it felt like it should have started rockin out, but never did), Ellen told him (he had said his goal right now was to get to the top 3) he needs to have the goal to win it, not get to top 3, Kara said he played it self and she misses his earlier moments, and Simon said at least he gave 100% and he kind of felt that Mike meant it.  (Ryan asked Dori, aka Ellen, to explain Free Willy to Simon who was completely confused by the movie title this song was from)

And the first duet is….

Falling Slowly by Swell Season


I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song…but I’m a little disappointed in the choice as I think the choice could have done better…but it was still awesome.  Dad said he completely changed his mind about Lee’s other performance.  He said this song was hard work…no wonder he picked a stupid song for his solo!  Ah Dad.

Randy thinks it could be a hit right now.  Ellen said they’re the new Captain and Tennille, Kara says it’s one of her favorite moment of the year and they brought out the best in eachother, Simon said he wouldn’t call it a good song…he’d call it a fantastic song.  Aww Simon with your teasing.

We learn that Lee is Crystal’s music crush…heavy emphasis on music!

Casey James - Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel

Jamie wanted Casey to seduce him…you’re gonna have to get in line.  Not behind me…I’m just sayin.  Anyway…he unhesitatingly gave him an artist shirt.

He kind put a Jason Miraz twist to the song…but Dad says he didn’t go far enough.  It was nice and pleasant, but still no wow.  Dad says he reminded him of Tiny Tim…if you don’t know who he is, look him up.  You’ll laugh.

Randy gave him crap and teased him that the song was referring to Kara, aka Mrs. Robinson :-)  Ellen wished they’d have given him a big boy guitar…heehee (he had a baby guitar) and she wished he’d have changed it a bit more.  Kara felt he was fighting to stay in the competition being more up front and vulnerable.  Simon couldn’t stop giggling about the Mrs. Robinson/Kara context.  But he didn’t think the song had the substance required tonight and was a bit lazy.

Crystal BowersoxI’m Alright by Kenny Loggins

Oh yeah…before the song even starts I’m doing the groundhog dance….”I’m alright…don’t nobody worry bout me!”

Crystal was star struck.  Jamie told her to show she’s alright and be confident…and reluctantly gave her an artist shirt.

It had a bit of a harder edge than the Loggins version…but I loved it.  And I love the original.  Dad wasn’t sure if he liked it because it was so different…you couldn’t do the dance to it…but Mom really liked it.
Randy liked it but it wasn’t his favorite, Ellen said she crystalized the song :-) , Kara agreed and said artist, artist, artist, and Simon said after that song she’s back in the game. 
Once again, we get to see her boyfriend in the audience…and he’s wearing some crazy American flag pants :-)

The King family agrees…she’s never sang anything

Casey and Mike Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman, by Brian Adams

I don’t know about them singing together…their voices and harmonies didn’t meld really well…but apart…I gotta admit I melted a little bit.  But ultimately I think the duet award goes to Crystal and Lee.  Dad says Mike and Casey got screwed because they weren’t singing with Crystal…duet chemistry is much better between a guy and a girl than two guys.  And I said Crystal would have sounded awesome with both of them…Mom says she would sound amazing with anyone…and I have to agree.
Randy thought it was often, Ellen said as a matter of fact she has loved a woman…and the judges table was full of laughter!  Kara thought the duets tonight were incredible and better than the solos, and Simon agreed.

Tomorrow night….DAUGHTRY!!!!!!  And Bon Jovi!!!! And Fantasia!  Oh my!!!

Here’s to the movies!!!

And awesome duets!

And the gopher dance!


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