Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Harry Connick Jr. Part 2!!!!!

Or....American Idol Results Night :-)

So…I heard that the contestants were not allowed to use guitars last night.  Which I think is complete crap.  The judges are always saying make it current, make it your own…but on Sinatra night they basically don’t give them any liberties whatsoever.  Crap, people, crap!

Anyway…tonight we have Harry Connick Jr. performing (YAY!!!!!) and Lady Gaga.  I have to say…I enjoy Lady’s songs…but she is a piece of work.  I watched the Telephone video with Beyoncé…and apparently Lady Gaga makes everyone kind of strange…

And we start of with a group song…a medley of Sinatra.  Why…why of all nights to do a group song they choose Sinatra night?  It actually wasn’t terrible since there were only 5 of them.  And…ok there were some moments I actually enjoyed and they all sounded great…and it might have been live at points…they do sound amazing recorded though :-)  And Casey sounded a lot like Sinatra!

The Ford commercial was actually really cute.  Lee is moving towards Crystal as the other idols get in the way…and we think that loving look in his eye is for her…but he moves on to the Ford :-) 
And, after a fun video showing how the contestants Tuesday nights go…the lights dim :-(

(Anybody but Lee and Crystal!  Fingers crossed!!!)

Ryan pulls Lee over to the middle of the stage and reminds us of the good reviews from the night before. 

And….he’s safe!!!!!!!!  Whew!

And Gaga performs….she is f-ing weird.  Oh!  And it’s the Ace of Base song.  Her new song (not telephone, the other one) sounds like Ace of Base…specifically Don’t Turn Around.  Everytime I hear the chorus of this song I start singing “I’m gonna be strong, I’m gonna be fine, don’t worry about this heart of mine.”  And she’s practically naked…I didn’t think they allowed that on Idol.  Well…kudos to her.  It was a good performance…she definitely put on a show, I suspect she reigned herself in a bit…and the woman is a huge success and has been in the music industry for years.  So she must be doing something right.

Now we get to watch fun Harry videos!!  He called Casey’s mom and told him Casey was ugly and had a horrible personality…and he called big Mike an a-hole!  (Except he said the real thing…bleepity bleep!).  Ornery!  And then…he sang.  Honestly….I’ve seen him perform better…it’s true…but I still love him. 

Then the top 5 sang some Connick!!  And it was fun :-)  And Casey sings so much better during group…maybe it’s that whole pre-recorded thing.  And it was really cute having Crystal and the 4 guys up there :-)  And we got a tid bit of duet between Crystal and Lee…and I want a full one!  They sounded great together.

Lights dim again…and Crystal is up.  And she has to start a group stage right.  Mike…stage left.  Aaron…joins big Mike.  And the poor kid looks as nervous as ever!  Casey…joins Crystal.  Oh God.  Awwww….and Ryan turns to Lee…who knows what’s coming…and asks if he would choose a safe group…and Lee declines :-)  Ata boy!  (One year there was a contestant asked to pick between two groups on either side of the stage…and he sat in the middle, and refused to move.  That was awesome.)

Mike and Aaron…..are the bottom two!!  I am extremely happy Crystal is safe…but very shocked Casey wasn’t in the bottom two.

And it’s the end of the road….for Aaron.  That’s too bad.  He’s a good kid and he’s got a great voice.  But he handled it with great poise and grace :-)  Awww…sad :-(  That’s alright…he gets to go on tour and he has lots of years of singing and growing ahead of him. 

And he chose his Frank song to say adieu with.  And I think he actually sang it better tonight than last night.  It’s amazing what you can do without pressure of being judged :-)

Goodbye Aaron.  You’re a sweet kid.  And you’ll do great with your legions of teenage girl fans. 

Here’s to Aaron.


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