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American Idol….FINALE! part 1

Last AI blog of the season!  And possibly ever considering next season I’ll be in England, Simon won’t be on the show…and this season, as much as I’ve had contestants I’ve loved, just didn’t seem to have the same spark as past seasons.  So perhaps next year you’ll be reading all about X Factor or Britian’s got talent!!

I was not able to watch last night…so you’re gettin two for the price of one tonight!!

First -  Tuesday Night, Battle of the Sexes!!! 

Crystal and Lee will be performing in front of more people than EVER!  Crystal and Lee’s entrance was a bit muddled…well, Crystal’s was anyway.  Someone knocked her mike out of her hand and there was confusion on where she should stand just before running up on stage…and for some reason the camera was on her while she was getting into place.  Go production team!!

The contestants will be singing 3 songs tonight:
1. Contestants favorite from the season
2. Executive producer Simon Fuller’s pick
3. The song that will be their first single released if they win.

Crystal won the coin toss and opted to sing second…good move.
And of course the night will be riddled with pre-taped interviews with the contestants and their families/friends.

Song #1

Lee - The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel

First of all…I always thought this song was called lye-la-lye or something…I didn’t realize it was The Boxer :-)

Lee seems incredibly comfortable tonight, which is good.  But I don’t think this was the best song to choose from all his other performances…but it was good.

Randy thought it was a good way to start off the night, but he needs more energy, Ellen booed the audience :-)  and said she couldn’t be more prouder if she’d birthed him herself…bad mental picture there….and thought he did better this time than last time he performed it.  Kara agreed with Randy and wanted him to bring more.  Simon said it felt like a kiss on the cheek when he wanted a kiss on the lips…and was very quick to point out he didn’t want the kisses from Lee :-)  The King family agrees with Randy, Kara, and Simon.


Crystal - Me and Bobby McGee, Janice Joplin

We discover Crystal started playing guitar because she was snooping for Christmas and found a guitar and thought it was her Christmas present…awesome :-)

First thing I thought when Ryan said she’d be singing this song was “Yes!”  Good choice…cause she rocked it the first time she sang it.  (Frankly I don’t remember how I felt about Lee’s first performance of The Boxer…which is a pretty good sign it wasn’t all that great).

And Crystal made me smile…and tear up…I know it’s not exactly a touching song…but just the amazingness of the performance got to me.  She was wonderful.   Round 1 goes to Crystal, according to Dad.

Randy thought it was dope and hopes she makes a record like that.  Ellen thinks she is so compelling on stage and draws everyone in.  Kara loves it as much as the first time and says she has fire in her belly tonight (Crystal, not Kara).  For Simon, this brought her back to when they fell in love with her and that for the last few weeks she hasn’t been there…but now we have a competition.

The King family gives the first round to Crystal and thinks she’s here to win it!


Song #2
Lee – Everybody Hurts, REM…right?

So last week the producers wanted Lee to win…this week apparently they want Crystal to win.  He sang it well…but it was such a sleepy song that he couldn’t get the energy going!

Randy thought it was better than the first, Ellen thought he went off a couple of times vocally, but she said it’s more about the performance and a couple of times it felt like he was going to take off and then he would pull back again…he needed to let it go.  Kara loves that he’s emotionally accessible.  Simon thought it was a brilliant choice of song, but he went of melody in parts and feels Lee is understandably nervous.  Simon says he needs to realize how important the night is and that he wants a 10 out of 10 for his next performance….THAT’S gonna make him less nervous!  Way to go Simon.

I love Lee…you know I do…but he’s just not bringing it tonight.  Don’t get me wrong!  It’s not bad!  It’s just not amazing.

Crystal – Black Velvet, don’t know but I love this song!

Oh yeah…excellent song…especially for Crystal.

This was much more rocker than we’ve seen Crystal…she was beltin some notes!  Damn girl!  Much more rock…not so laid back as she usually is.

Randy thinks it’s awesome, Ellen says it was fan-tastic, Kara says it’s the night to give it her all and to kill herself with the notes and that Crystal has done it.  Simon had a problem because he’s almost allergic to the song because of how many people murder it in auditions…but he said Crystal took the song and absolutely….nailed it! 

Hmmm…wonder which way the pendulum is swinging tonight…

Crystal is playing with and to the audience tonight!!  Ryan asked her if she can see the finish line and she yelled “Yeah!  It’s in the back!”  And looked up WAY in the highest balcony and waved.  It’s much more playful and open and connected than we’ve seen her too!  I like it!


Song #3

LeeBeautiful Day, Coldplay or U2…depends on if you believe me or my dad…I’m telling you…I can hear Bono’s voice in my head!

Apparently we’re not doing original singles this year…well that’s good cause those songs are usually crap anyway.

Lee is without the guitar.  He did well…but come on!  It’s Bono…that’s not fair.  Idol…that was mean.  But I do think it was his best of the night and I still love him and he’d be great in concert. 
But why they had to have him sing kind of on the slow side songs tonight…I don’t know.
Randy thought by the middle he got his groove and showed the Lee he loves and remembers.  Ellen thought it was great.  Kara thought he was swallowed up by the song but that he deserves to be here and he has the most commercial voice from the season.

Simon says that he feels Lee gave it his all and did the best he could with the song AND, as this is his final night of judging the show, this is what the show is for, to give someone a break that really needs it, Lee is just what the show was developed for and he genuinely hopes things work out for him.
From his responses…Lee’s just happy to be here.  Which is sweet and cute and nice to see…but maybe that’s why he didn’t feel like he was pushing as much to win as Crystal.

Lee says he will be doing this for the rest of his life no matter what…awww :-)

Ryan said Lee is a class act and wishes him luck.  Double aww.

Crystal – Up to the Mountain…not a freakin clue…

She’s got her guitar back for this one.  And it’s staring out softer than the others….but she still is puttin a lot of soul into it.

Wow….wow.  The emotion and feeling she put in that song was AMAZING!  Mom and I were BOTH chocking up at the end.

Dad says he really likes Lee…but Crystal kicked his ass.

Randy says this was one of her best moment on the show at the perfect time and it was incredible.  Ellen said she’s in a league of her own, with a beautiful voice that is so pure and that she can’t compare her to anyone out there right now…”If you put out an album I’ll buy it, if you go on tour I’ll go with you to watch, if you make a salad I’ll eat it.”  Kara says her walls were down and she was completely emotionally invested in that song.  Simon…is interrupted by Crystal before he gets to judge..she says she knows it’s his last night, thanks him for his critiques, and wishes him good luck and all the best on his future endeavors.  Awwwwww…Simons says since this has become a love-fest, he thinks that’s the best song of the night and…since it’s his last critique….it was outstanding.

Crystal says “I am beside myself…actually I’m beside Ryan Seacrest, but…haha…comedy tour startes next week.”  Chuckle chuckle :-)

Ryan tells Simon we’ll miss him.

I’m thinking maybe the producers wanted Lee to win…and had very poor judgment in what songs would win it.  And Crystal just came out and said “I’m takin it!”  Can’t hold soul and a voice like that back!  Poor Lee…he got screwed a bit a la Casey James.  His songs were slower…Crystal had two rockin songs and then a very raw emotional, quiet song.  She got to show off all her angles.  Lilith fair, Rocker, and soulful singer/songwriter.

Still love Lee…but I gotta give this one to Crystal.  She needs to win this.  She might not, but she should.

And it’s high time a girl won Idol again!

And we get to here the song they have been playing for the farewells all seasons live…from some Brit…from Pop Idol.  Those crazy Brits, taking our shows and renaming them….oh…wait..

:-D  Just so you know…my British fiancé is rolling his eyes at me right now…and possibly calling me a something something American :-)

And now…I am posting this as is…if  there’s mistakes…sorry!  I gotta get to the results!!!  And the celebrity performances!!  And a possible appearance by Paula!!!!

(By the way…that Brit is really cute, sings really well, and was awesome!  Will Young is his name.)

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