Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol – Who will be the Top 2

Oooh…we get to find out who will be in the finale!

I’m hoping for Lee and Crystal.  My fiancé has a very interesting prediction…and I think he may be right.  We’ll see if he’ll let me post it ;-)

Ryan had a sit down with the top 3.  Crystal says she is cool with whatever happens…but she really wants to win :-)  Lee says he’s never wanted to win more than he does right now…because he’s so close.  They also talked about how little time they have now.  Casey says he gets 120 texts a day and can’t possibly answer them all.  Crystal gives all the free time she has to her son…aww  :-)  Good on ya momma.

Randy talked about how much the contestants have grown. 

Simon looked rather bored…but he does that a lot.

And we’re going to watch the homecomings…no offence…but it seems like a waste of time to show all that NOW.  I mean…aren’t the homecomings and sit down chats suppose to let us know more about the contestants so we’ll want to vote for them?  The votes already happened!

Casey goes back to Cool.  Um…Texas…we gotta talk.  You ever heard of PETA?  Some woman had Casey sign her puppy…and I swear I saw a horses behind with duct tape saying “Hi Simon.”  Casey went to see the hospital that saved his life after his accident…and the tears flowed!!!  And oh the girls…all the screaming, screaming girls.  Casey will be ok…even if he is cut tonight I think he’ll do just fine.

And then we talk to Perez Hilton  (eye roll).  Who apparently discovered Travis Garland.  And Perez said he this Travis kid is better than Justin Timberlake…which automatically makes me not like him.  And after watching him…he aint no J.T.  Get over yourself Perez.  It’s freakin JT!!!!  Justin-freakin-Timberlake!  this joker is NOT better than JT! 

And Crystal goes back to Toledo, OH!!!  And she goes to the station she use to play at…and SHE’s taking pictures of the FANS :-)  And she plays gofer from the limo and pops her head in and out of the roof to play with the audience….she’s fun :-)  And adorable.  And of course they have Crystal Bowersox day and receives the key to the city.  And she gets to have a BBQ with her family and see her baby :-)  And she gets noticeably overwhelmed and touched during her parade.  And her concert was dubbed bowerstock…their clever in Toledo ;-)  And she got to sing her original song at her concert called Holy Toledo…and got chocked up after watching the footage.

And Lee head to Chicago!!  Brian Winky…I’m thinking of you right now….Love you!!!  Lee threw the first pitch at Wrigley Field (that’s a baseball field Baby) and went to see the kids at his elementary school.  They’re old enough to vote for Idol ;-)  And the kiddos went CRAZY!  And he visited his old place of work…the ‘ol paint store..and got really overwhelmed by the welcome.  And said he’s gonna try to win the thing :-)  He gets overwhelmed during his parade too.  And he gets his share of screaming girls too :-)  And Lee gets chocked up during his concert and struggles through a verse…and declares this to be the best day of his life thanks to all all the fans present.  And he gets chocked up watching the footage too. 

And Ryan goes for the jugular and asks what it’s like to make his dad so proud.  Geez Ryan!

And now 5 year old Justin Beaver sings.  Little S$@t is kind of cute.  I saw him on iCarly.  Yes…I watched iCarly…I babysit, ok?  His song was really short…can’t they give him a full size song?  I mean…I know he’s only 3 feet tall…but come on.  Oh!  I think it’s a medley….oh wait…it wasn’t iCarly…it was the Justice one where the teenager is a VP in a fashion company…I know, I know….BABYSITING!  And Beaver can play the drums.  Oh he’s gonna be big…I mean JT big.  And…his medley only has two songs…ok.  Whateves.

Oh…results time.  I am nervous!!!!

Ryan reviews last night’s comments…

oh god…come on Ryan!!!!




First person…..

LEE DEWYEZE!!!!!  And he is SO happy!  YAY!!!!!!

Joining Lee…..

Crystal Bowersox!!  Ryan didn’t waste much time on that announcement.  Crystal says “I’m safe?  I’m safe?!?”  Hugs Casey…tells him to keep on playing…and LEAPS into Lee’s arms all kinds of excited!

Casey sings Daughters one last time on the Idol stage…flirting with the ladies for all he’s worth…he should have done this kind of in the audience, lovin the audience performance more often.  And when he picks up a cutie patootie little girl in a pretty little outfit and bows (we’re pretty sure it’s his niece)…ADORABLE!  She didn’t seemed to impressed though…kids.  You can’t direct kids.  During the break he eased her up a bit by talking to her :-) 

And we get to see his flash back…right from his first audition when Kara made him remove his shirt and Poshy Posh made him take his hair down.  I’m sorry…I just noticed he looks a bit plastic…Crystal admitted on some video she has a little crush on Casey and her boyfriend knows it :-)  And they showed an adorable clip of some little kid in Texas reaching his hand through the limo window…southern drawl and all…”Casey James let me shake your hand.”  The kid was 4!!! So cute.

Well…bye bye Casey.  But as my Dad said…as soon as you said that you had never pictured winning in the sit down…he knew you were out.  You got a see it to believe it…or something like that.

Good luck to you sir.  You’re a heck of a musician.

Here’s to Casey James.


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